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Luxury Car Rental in Beverly Hills

Experience real luxury

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How to Rent a Luxury Car?

Simply give us a call to book your luxury experience or get in touch with us via text or email.

We offer a free delivery service on all the cars within a 15-mile radius from Beverly Hills. We will also conveniently deliver the car to LAX.

Get in your luxury vehicle to experience and enjoy all of Los Angeles on a different level.




Why Motion Lifestyle

We are not just a car rental company!

We promote a lifestyle of luxury always striving for better. The business was created to encourage a high-end fancy way of living life every day.

We are based in Beverly Hills and truly represent California's spirit!




What People Say

Jane Smith

Previous Client

“I and my girlfriends hired a chauffeur with a Rolls Royce for a friend's 30th birthday. We had a blast! The car was very luxurious and we cruised around Los Angeles in style. Overall, a great experience, the driver was very nice and polite. Great service, I'd even recommend for a wedding.”

Sam McMillan

Previous Client

“I'm a lover of supercars and always looking forward to driving exotic cars. I was contemplating buying a Bentley Bentayga but wanted to test drive for a few days and that's when I saw this rental and of course I had to rest it for a few days. Now I drive Bentley. Thank you Motion Lifestyle!”

Leticia Lopez

Previous Client

“We were visiting Beverly Hills for a weekend and wanted to fully experience the California life. We got the car delivered to LAX and from that point on it was like a dream. A lot of people stopped to take a picture of the car too, especially on Rodeo drive. We loved it!”

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